Ellsworth Methodist Church "Action and Activities" Archive

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Our Kingdom Kids are ready for a parade.

2015 Pancake Supper
2014 Summer Bible School
2014 Pancake Supper

2012 Pancake Supper
2012 Serving Ragbrai Riders
2012 Parade Participation

2009 Ingathering material

2009 Pancake Supper

Not quite done shoveling, December 19, 2008

Christmas Songs  )

Bible School, 2007

Ellworth Summer Parade participants, 2006

2006 Pancake Supper

2006 Christmas Program

Linda Haupt with the 2005 Seed Packets

2005 Adventureland Trip

Bob's Bachelor Party - and the 2005 Bible School

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Christmas Program, 2004

2004 Kingdom Kids in a 2004 parade

2003 Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper helpers

Bible School class of 2003

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Pastor Priscilla Camarin is shown in 1996 with her congregation.
See a similar photo at the bottom of the first Pastors Page.

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