Ellsworth United Methodist Church Activities

March 1, 2017 Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper - Page 1

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos showing people preparing for the yearly event.

Since the morning, the sign has been positioned in front of our church
to tell visitors where the supper will be located.

Josh prepares the grill for the pancakes.

Verle is busy doing what he usually does, frying 40 pounds of sausage.

(9mb MPG video file)

Click image at left to watch Verle
cook some sausage.

Gina starts mixing the Pancake batter.

Linda prepares the kitchen to be ready for the 5pm Ash Wednesday event.

Amanda helps at the table before she greets guests and count how many come to eat.

The silverware and napkins are made ready for the tables that will seat the guests.

A good team of workers are helping prepare.

Linda brings the syrup for the team to place on each table.

The Community Center Gym is now ready for the hungry guests to come at 5pm.

Since Kevin Bottorff had already fastened the grill to the tank of gas,
he holds his grandchildren, who have come to eat pancakes and sausage.

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