Ellsworth United Methodist Church Activities

Page 2 - 2017 Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper photos

Pastor Margaret and Amanda are ready, because guests often come before the 5pm starting time.

By 5:30, many have come ready to eat.

The three rows of tables are beginning to fill with guests.

Verle has constant sausage-cooking action.

(11mb MPG video file)

Click image at left to watch Josh and Duane
get the pancakes onto the grill.

By 6pm, a row of vehicles is parked on the front (West) side of the Community Center Gym.

Vehicles of workers and guests are seen on the back (East) side of the gym.

(14mb MPG video file)

Flipping the pancakes

(6 mb MPG Video file)

With many guests coming,
the pancake grill is also cooking sausage.

150 meals were served during the 2017 Ash Wednesday pancake supper.


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