Ellsworth United Methodist Church Pastors,
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On these two pages you will find our many fine preachers who have led ministry In the Ellsworth United Methodist Church.

This article seen above tells of the new pastor in the Ellsworth Methodist Church.

Pastor Jerry Spencer began serving in Ellsworth and Radcliffe in July of 2018.

This is the recently retired pastor Margaret Aiseayew, who served from 2012 through June, 2018.
Pastor Margaret retires

Brian McNamara and his wife, Dee
Pastor McNamara served from 2007-2012.

Our previous (2005-2007) pastor was Marion Sindt with his wife, Sheryl, who volunteers as his administrative assistant

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Ellsworth UMC congregation with the Sindts, pictured in the Ellsworth Park Shelterhouse

Pastor Dana Williams Scopatz, who served from 2000-2005

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How Pastor Dana Williams Scopatz was indicated on our church marquee

Pastor Priscilla Camarin, who served from 1994-1999

Pastor Priscilla Camarin is shown with her Ellsworth UMC congregation in 1996.   The occasion was foreign exchange student Thomas Kestenbach's  last Sunday worship service before returning home to Brazil.   Thomas is seated in front.

more pastors through the years