Ellsworth United Methodist Church Activities

February 10th, 2016 Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper - Page 1

Here are some behind the scenes photos showing the preparation.

A cold and snowy day for this Ash Wednesday supper.    Will people come?    There were doubts.

Verle is working at his normal duty of frying 40 pounds of sausage.

We needed to be ready for the time when people might come.

Peg is in the kitchen filling the serving bowls with strawberries.

Josh is arming the grill to be ready for the pancakes.

The flames are up and we are thankful to Kevin Bottorff for bringing his tools and for securing the tank of gas.

Gina and Eli used ten dozen eggs in making the pancakes.

Pastor Margaret blessed each worker with a forehead mark in a great way
that added meaning for this Ash Wednesday pancake supper.

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