Page 2 - 2016 Ash Wednesday Pancake Supper

Nobody knew if people would come in the cold weather,
but the first customer showed up ten minutes before the starting time.

Pastor Margaret was ready for more folks wanting to eat.

And people started to show up in greater numbers.

Duane B. and Josh A. needed to start making pancakes as fast as they could.

Eli is good at his job of adding eggs to make great pancake batter.

You can tell that Eli has experienced his special Ash Wednesday blessing.

Verle and Linda Haupt are always at work.
There were even more great workers who are not seen in these photos.

100 people were served.   Some lingered and visited with neighbors and friends.    Others enjoyed the meal and were off to attend their Ash Wednesday Service.    The cold weather did not discourage people to come from Ellsworth, Radcliffe, Jewell, Story City, Webster City and Ames for this meal.

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