Ellsworth Methodist Church Activities
2015 Summer Bible School and More

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Singing on the last day.

        Our Vacation Bible School this year focused on the winds of the Spirit.   We made pinwheels and kites and were brought to life by the winds of the Spirit with the story of Ezekiel and the dry bones.   With no foreknowledge of the story, one of the participants showed up on the dday we began the Ezekiel story wearing a t-shirt that said "Bad to the Bone."   It was one of those fun and serendipitous things that expanded our conversation.

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We discovered that we were not expert kite flyers and that it is not always easy
to catch the wind of the spirit as it passes by.

This year was the last in our series focusing on the earth, water, fire and air.   There were many memorable moments from each, and we learned that the questions of our faith are all around us.  God is always present.   We must pay attention to be able to respond.

Playing in the Little Kitchen

Many thanks go to all of our leaders from the congregation for all the help they provided.

Working in the little kitchen before cleaning up