Welcome to the Ellsworth Methodist Church

Now closed in 2023, this church is no longer able to welcome those
wishing to worship.     The congregation used to say:

Welcome to our church!  We invite everyone, members or not, to worship with us.

Yes, welcome to our church and congregation.  We vary from young to old, and from those who have belonged to this congregation for several generations, to some who feel rather new to us.

If you are looking for a place to worship, we welcome you to give us a try.

Our experiences have taught us to work together, play together, and pray together.

The Sunday sevices this season are at 9AM each week.  Come and enjoy hearing the joys and concerns, the sermon message, and if there are kids present, the children's message.

       Nick Olson was on the committee that often worked several hours to decorate the church in preparation for the Christmas Season. 

Also, it was reported in the South Hamilton Record News that this member of our church won third place in the Iowa Special Olympics this past November. 

Third at 
State Special Olympics

Nick Olson, son of Bob and Marcy Olson, of Ellsworth placed third in bowling at the State Special Olympics competition held this past weekend in Des Moines.


Seen in the Chapel of our church


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This is the altar of our chapel.    Notice the Bible.

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When you open the Chapel Altar Bible, you see this page.

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Also inside the Bible, this page tells how the Altar Bible came to our church.

    This Pulpit Bible is a gift to the Union Church of Ellsworth, Iowa.  Given by the young Peoples Society, at that time known as the Epworth League.

    It was presented to the Church and Congregation by an appropriate service conducted by that Society at the Sunday morning service on Sept. 21, 1840.

    Each member of the League had a part in the service.

The membership Roll of the League follows -

C.L. Liming - Pastor
William Appelgate - President
Gerald Hussong
Ruth Valde
Russell W. Bourne
Clyde Rex
Harry Huggong
Donald Caruth
Peggy Rex
Roberta Caruth
Eleanor Liming
Riehard Appelgate
Roy Bourne
Kathryn Johnson
Kenneth Appelgate

This small sign indicates the two churches that our Chapel Bible has served.

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No More Malaria panel displayed in our santuary


       In 2013, Pastor Margaret said, "This last summer, we celebrated a great Vacation Bible School last summer.  We studied the story of Joseph in consideration of the drought.  It seemed appropriate to study Noah."     View photos of last summer's Vacation Bible School.

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