Ellsworth Methodist Church Activities
2013 Bible School Session about Noah's Ark

Even though some families left on their vacations during the week, we had an average attendance of fifteen.  Marilyn Doyle and Linda Haupt provided the creative genius that kept the children enthusiastically engaged throughout.  Alexis Davis served as a youth leader and provided valuable assistance throughout the week.  The sun catchers did not dry, so we have plans to visit all the families to deliver the last project and pictures from the week.

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We did a four day Bible School program. On the first day we built arks in faithful response to Godís call.
The students are holding the arks they had each constructed from a supply of craft sticks
that they had glued together to create their arks.

On the second day we collected all of the animals into the ark.  Not only did everyone bring an animal,
they also brought interesting facts aboutthe animals they shepherded to the ark.

On day three we were afloat in the ocean of water and had great conversations about how the animals
were getting along.  One of the questions we considered was how many mosquitos Noah had to bring aboard.
When someone mentioned that bats (who are mammals) ate mosquitos, as well as many birds,
we knew that many more than two mosquitos had made the journey.

Iowa United Methodist Annual Conference provided water bottles representing
the "Imagine No Malaria, Our Faith in Action" campaign (also see below).

water bottles
to the park for a great picnic 
and many games involving the animals.

On the last day, we discussed the promise
of the rainbow and
 made mobiles and sun catchers.

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Noah's Ark cookie showing a rainbow, the ark, and some animals.
The participants enjoyed eating the huge cookie.

At the Ellsworth park, the children are playing games before eating lunch.

Pastor Margaret Aiseayew is seen explaining the games they are about to play.

Singing the song, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!".
Hands in the air indicate the end of the song, when all shout "Amen!".

Students are coloring the pages that tell the story of Noah's Ark.

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