History of the Ellsworth United Methodist Church - Page 3

1975 view of the Ellsworth United Methodist Church

Candlelighters Todd and David Doyle

Reverand Eis at the pulpit

The Sunday School teacher in this 1975 photo was Genevieve Kuhfus, who was also the church organist.   Genevieve served as organist for 50 years without missing a single Sunday worship service.

Stained Glass windows made by church member Terry Brooks

Terry Brooks finished separate three stained glass windows that are made to work together.
They are displayed on the windows at the back of the santuary.


Kevin Bottorff is shown at work in the basement after a big rainstorm.

Kent Spohnheimer is shown draining the basement after an especially heavy rain in 1988.

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The general flooding throughout Ellsworth in 1993 brought water to a height of 29 inches in the church basement, ruining the the kitchen cupboards, the piano, water heater, and many other items.  Because a few days of water soaking into the church basement display board, the dark portion seen above is a few inches higher than the 29 inch actual water level in that year.

2005 view of the Ellsworth United Methodist Church

In 2008, the church celebrated 125 years of service.    This news article was published November 12, 2008.

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2015 Water pumped out
... Photos of 2015 Water Cleanup ...
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Clean after the Water

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