Here is the Mission of the Ellsworth United Methodist Church
Our Mission!

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Our Ministry

    One of our key ministry goals has been the struggle to keep the doors of our church open to all comers.  We have operated out of a vision to reach new people in every possible way, but particularly through our Kingdom Kids program.  We have also been deeply involved with caring for our current members.

We are Involved

     We extended the summer Bible School to four days.  We have kept the Kindgdom Kids program going every other Sunday afternoon, and have involved additional adults in facilitation.

We have had more children involved and we have increased our numbers participating in Sunday services.

God is asking of us to do more and to do it quickly.

We are looking for ways to intensify our efforts.  We feel like we are in a Catch-22 as it is hard to expect more from the very few how are faithfully engaged.

We are held accountable by keeping our doors open as evidence of our accountablilty.

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