Ellsworth Methodist Church Activities
2019 Baked Potato Bar Supper

It had been decided to try an Ash Wednesday Potato Bar supper instead of the usual Pancake Supper.

Church helpers baked many pounds of potatos and prepared many ingredients to be added to the potates.

Members of the congregation readied themselves for the supper.

Some doubted there would be many hungry guests for a supper held on the same time that the South Hamilton Basketball team would be playing in Des Moines.  Bus loads of South Hamilton fans and many cars took the trip to the tournament.   Would we only serve ourselves?   Will there be enough guests to make the night worth the efforts?

Guests did begin to come for a meal.

The baked potatos, the stuffings, and the desserts were placed where people could help themselves.

More than 50 people came for a meal and nobody left hungry.
Including the feeding of the potato bar helpers, there were 63 meals served.

The Ellsworth Community Center was an exellent place for families to eat and for kids to explore.

Perhaps the Ellsworth United Methodist Church will try a Baked Potato Bar Supper again.
Basketball tournament or not, people will come for fellowship and a great meal.

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